Calling All Talent!

From: "Farmington Arts List" <>
Subject: Calling All Talent!
Date: February 15th 2012


We are getting closer to our annual fundraising event:

Farmington's Got Talent!

We have a few spots left for auditions which will be held this Saturday, February 18th at the Farmington Community Arts Center.

Last day to register for your spot is Friday February 17th by 5:00PM, so don't delay! Call Parks & Rec at 801-451-0953 to sign up for your audition time!

If being behind the scenes of all the talent is more your thing we are still looking for Directors for:

•       Summer Musical 2012
•       2013 Season

Please call Stefanie at 801-451-0953 or email her at to get the details. All Directors play a big part in choosing the show along with the ability to execute their creative vision for that show.

Thanks for always making the Farmington City Arts & Events programs so amazing!!!

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